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Meeting: Agile, PMBoK or PRINCE2 in IT?

On last Sunday (May 5, 2013) the meeting “Agile, PMBoK or PRINCE2 in IT? – free workshops in project management” took place.


The meeting was directed at all our customers who are interested in effective project management in a company: middle and higher-level managers, HR departments, and project managers and leaders.


IT departments representatives, who are involved in projects, were participants of the meeting.


The goal of the meeting was to:

  • Getting the key knowledge about project management and project management methodologies;
  • Understanding differences between methodologies to select them properly in the future;
  • Familiarizing with best techniques and project tools selected according to effectiveness of management.


During the meeting the issues of approaching innovative projects with unclear goals and visions, and how to deal with generic projects with defined  start and finish were discussed.


Piotr Ogonowski, who was moderating the discussion, was describing his experiences with both innovative and generic projects.


Conclusions created through the exchange of experiences:

  • A well-defined project goal contributes to 40% of success. Sometimes the results are hard to foresee and establish beforehand. After defining the project goal, performers begin the planning process.
  • Spontaneous approach to perform a project is risky and gives less chances to be successful. However, the spontaneous approach makes every achievement considered as success.
  • Spontaneity means minimizing energy for planning. Making a plan, holding on to a schedule, and making changes while performing the plan is stressful and can lead to stiffen up project participants.


In the end the comparison of PRINCE2, PMI, and AGILE methodologies took place as well as the examination of types of projects that each of these methodologies is the most effective.


We would like to thank all the participants for their involvement and we recommend our next initiatives.


The schedule of our meetings will be presented soon.

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