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Exam passing regulations

The following regulations refer to taking exams in Centrum Innowacji ProLearning and are in conformity with Prometric and Certiport requirements.



1. In order to apply for an exam one must contact via e-mail or call the Centrum Innowacji ProLearning Testing Centre at least 3 working days in advance and set the exam dates. CI ProLearning contact data and information about exams are available at E-mail application is also possible by the form available at In case of on-line registration via Prometric and Certiport websites, please also contact the Training Centre.

2. In the Centrum Innowacji ProLearning Testing Centre exams start at established hours, within the Centre opening hours, not earlier than 9 a.m. and not later than 2 p.m. depending on an exam duration. Exams took place in Wrocław only.

3. After initial reservation done by e-mail or phone, one must print the Exam Registration Form. Filled version must be faxed or e-mailed to Centrum Innowacji ProLearning. It should contain data of a person that will be examined and data of the payer, including the taxpayer identification number and address data that will be the base to issue an invoice. The form must be signed by a person responsible for making financial decisions in a company. In case of any enquiries, please contact the Centrum Innowacji ProLearning.

4. One can give up participation in an exam or change the date of taking it at least 3 working days in advance. All changes, including the date and type of the exam, in less than 3 days before its established date are impossible, except for a sudden illness of a candidate. In this case a candidate must provide the Centrum Innowacji ProLearning with a doctor’s certificate within 2 days after the date of the exam. Otherwise, the candidate will be charged with the exam costs.

5. Exam payment must be done up to 2 days before the established date of an exam, by paying the issued pro-forma invoice, by paying cash in the Centrum Innowacji ProLearning premises, or by paying using a voucher. If the payment is not recorded on Centrum Innowacji ProLearning account up to 2 days before the date of the exam, it will be postponed.

6. After signing with the Centrum Innowacji ProLearning a fixed-term contract for exam services there is a possibility to establish bank transfers as the form of payment.


1. Exams are led in a form of computer test. Each person that passes the exam has own computer post.

2. Examinee must not be later in Centrum Innowacji ProLearning than 15 minutes before the start of the exam in order to complete formalities. Being late for longer than 15 minutes is automatically considered as an unexplained absence. Examinee who is being late for longer than 15 minutes, losts possibility to pass the exam in the ordered date and is charged with the exam costs, unless the CI ProLearning worker decide otherwise.

3. Examinees must have 2 identification documents (e.g. ID and a driver license) to complete the formalities in Centrum Innowacji ProLearning before taking the exam. Each of the documents must contain a handwritten owner’s signature. At least one of the documents must contain a current picture of examinee.

4. No food, drinks, purses, luggage, briefcases, portfolios, mobile computer and other electronic devices, programmable calculators, mobile phones, cameras and other devices that take pictures or record, and educational aids (unless the detailed conditions of the software producer says so) are not allowed in the examination room. During the exam examinee must not leave the examination room. Each examinee receive laminated tables and markers that must be returned after the exam finishes – giving back the laminated tables and markers is a condition to stamp the exam score with the Prometric seal.

5. During the exam no communication between examinees is allowed.

6. The current of the exam is constantly monitored by on-line camera. In case of any problems or questions about formal issues during the exam, examinee should rise a hand. One of the CI ProLearning workers will come up to examinee within 3 minutes.

7. In case of not obeying the established rules of performing exams in CI ProLearning, the company worker is allowed to intervene. Not obeying the regulations will result in braking the exam.


1. After completed exam, each of the examinees receive a printout with the score received, unless the detailed conditions of exam performing say different. The printout does not confirm the certification.

2. Exam scores are automatically sent to the certification company.

3. Each of the exams can be passed repeatedly, according to conditions determined by the software producer. Each next exam requires another registration and fees. An exception can be made when there is a producer’s promotion concerning this subject.

4. A confirmation of obtaining a certificate is sent after positive completion of an examination path in the dates established by an authorizing company. In case of lack of it one should address the authorizing company directly. Exam organizer – Centrum Innowacji ProLearning does not a middleman in issuing the certificate confirmation.



1. Examinees, by giving their personal data, agree on the data processing by the exam organizer, as a data administrator, in order to provide promotional-marketing actions connected with the organizer business activity, and agree on receiving trade information send on their e-mail address by the organizer according to the Personal Data Protection Act and the Act on Rendering Electronic Services.

2. The organizer reserves a right to change these regulations in any time.

3. These regulations have entered into force since 01/01/2011.

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