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Centrum Innowacji ProLearning is training and advisory center that specializes in performing professional courses in the scope of advanced IT technologies.

Our mission is to support development of our customers according to their values by using our rich and long-lasting experience and high potential of our company. We want to build a positive organizational culture that is geared towards the atmosphere of mutual trust.

Values that guide our actions are as follows:

o   Flexibility – our customer’s business need is the most important, therefore we approach every order individually and creatively through the entire training process.

o   Ethics – we are led by respect and honesty towards our customers and business partners. We diligently evaluate every training process.

o   Effectiveness – it is a key to successful training, measured by parameters established during its preparations.

o   Expertise – quality of our services is our main concern when preparing a complex offer. We work with authorized providers and trainers, our original solutions are based on long-lasting experience and  practice.

Customer reviews

"„Particiaption of our employees in te course „Complaints and conflict situations handling” contributed to the growth of our products sells and the knowledge gained and applied by our…"

Complaints and conflict situations handling


"Koleje Dolnośląskie S.A. confirms that CI ProLearning performer the course MS6419 – Configuring, Managing and Maintaining Windows Server 2008 servers for our employee between 17-21 June 2013. The course was prepared on the…"

Koleje Dolnośląskie


"”PRKIK recommends Centrum Innowacji ProLearning as a professional business partner. The training centre organized IT courses in which our employees participated. The course MS 6425-…"

Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Kolejowych i Inżynieryjnych S.A.


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