A06 – VBA in Microsoft Excel 2010 – advanced

1. Object model:

  • Description of and object model
  • Basic objects
  • Worksheets and Sheets collections
  • Properties of a worksheet object
  • Workbooks collection
  • Properties of Workbook and This Workbook object
  • Selection
  • Cells
  • Range collection
  • Charts – the chart object and charts collection


2. Array variable

  • Statistic array
  • Dynamic array
  • The variant type
  • Multidimensional arrays
  • Sorting arrays
  • Sorting data according to custom lists


3. Procedures

  • Calling procedures from closed worksheets
  • Transferring parameters between procedures
  • Ways to transfer through references and value (ByRef and ByVal)


4. Object programming

  • Classes, objects
  • Creating methods
  • Creating properties
  • Creating collections
  • Property Let
  • Property Get
  • Property Set
  • Constructor overview


5. Operation on files

  • Managing files
  • Reading from a file
  • Saving to a file
  • CSV files


6. Advanced VBA structures and functions

  • Ways to transfer parameters
  • Default values of parameters
  • Changeable number of parameters
  • Transferring parameters array
  • Data types defined by user
  • Conversion operations


7. MS Excel cooperation with other applications


Methods of the course performing

Multimedia lecture, classes, labs


Participants of our courses receive:

  • an organized course led by experienced trainer
  • certificate of the course completion
  • course materials
  • tests that check the level of participants’ knowledge and skills in order to select a group of people on similar level (on customer’s wish)
  • individual computer post for each of the course participants
  • catering during brakes (coffee, tea, biscuits)
  • lunch (vegetarian or traditional meals – smorgasbord)
  • free consultancies with a lecturer up to 14 days after the course completion
  • tests that check the level of participants’ knowledge and skills after the training completion (on customer’s wish)


Additional remarks 

On customer’s demand the course can last for 2 days (16 hours)

There is a possibility to organize individual course or classes in small groups, contact us for more details!

We offer discounts for groups bigger than 8 people.


This course is designed for people who would like to learn issues connected with object programming in VBA, advanced file functions, MS Excel cooperation with MS Word and MS Access, and handling events.


Ability to use basics of VBA language in MS Excel 2010.


Certified Office Trainer

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